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Full Version: Admin abuse
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Hello, if you wish to post a staff complaint please use the following template

Your RP Name: Trezzar1

Their RP Name: conner

Date: 9/07/2019 1 o'clock am

Description of Incident: conner refusing help to others and trapping and exploding everyone

Proof (Videos/Screenshots): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1797916516
the proof here just shows what happened in ooc doesn't really show anything else 
he shouldn't be messing around with users when there rping as staff on duty 
for the person who conner was messing around with i just banned them for massrdm so maybe conner had a reason to do what he was doing 

ill find out more about this Thank you for bringing this up to us Well work hard to fix your problem if there is one Big Grin
- 1 
first i was dealing with other sits 
secondly i he was kidnapped from my memory 
thirdly he was minging all day same with you
it has been looked into and gohan is in the right 

at the time haru was doing false sits and it was extremely busy at the time so conner/gohan was in a sit at the time of haru trying to get a staff member 
but he has been told off got swearing in ooc 
thank you for responding tho if you want any comp go ahead and ask me when your in game Big Grin

We have read through your report and are currently looking through server logs and speaking to witnesses, and the accused. Please be patient while we look into this issue.

We take staff reports very seriously and we what ever it takes to get to the bottom of this issue.