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Full Version: Just adding a swep to this cc
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Your In-game Name:
- Jahkiyah

Steam ID (SteamID Finder):
- STEAM_0:1:221744904

Package Purchased:
- Add A Custom Weapon/Swep
Class Name:
- Mr Doofy

Class Colour (No White or Black):
- Light Blue

Class Job (Pick ONE) [Thief, Police, Hitman, Citizen]:
- Thief

Has Gun Licence? True/False
- True

Salary? (Between 0 to 500)
- 500

Custom Weapon/SWEP (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):
- climb_swep2

Class Weapons:
- m9k_spas12
- m9k_svu
- m9k_m249lmg

Class Model (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):
Hello. Your custom class has been completed and added to the server. You will be able to use your class after the next server restart.

If there are any issues with your class please report it to the "DarkRP Bugs" section of the forum with a full description of what is wrong.

Thank you for supporting the server. We appreciate it.