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Declined Lil kitty Staff Application

Heart i have all the things listed and i understand the rules.
i used to play on this server but for some reason my Time wiped? idk why but i dont care.
i also really like this server i a lots of friends and people one the server and i want to help instead of
i will play and help but i already know a fair bit of cmd's like jail,baning,kicking,noclip and logs.
i do now have a mic but i can still help.
my user in da game is Lil kitty and i hope you accept my application. Heart

-1 I don't understand what this is for. If you wanna apply for staff/trusted there is a template.

Staff App Template-

Trusted App template-
If you're applying for staff ----->

A message to all Oculus Members ----->

Did not follow the template, this to me is just a rushed attempt of trying to get staff on a server, you only have like barley any time on the server nor shown your warns to us to see if you a troublemaker.

You should not have staff.
-Pyr0 Ex-Admin/Event Manager

-1 you didn't follow the template

- 1 not following template 

Super Sayin Sandwich 
[Image: son-gohan-wallpaper-19.jpg]

Template pls



Sorry, after due consideration we do not believe you would be suitable for a staff position. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you.
[Image: XCqAsPG.jpg]

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