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Source Bans - Suggestion

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Hello, My name is Henry (In-Game Name Manny Maximus) and i believe that the addon known as SourceBans should be connected to the server & forums

When players apply for Trial Moderator it would allow for the staff manager(s) to check previous bans on the Bans Page to avoid people lying about never being banned
and it would give Length/Date & Reason as to why they were banned in the first place.

When players go for a Ban Appeal they are also able to check Why they were banned, for how long & by who all while they're still on the forums while writing their appeal as sometimes
Garry's Mod is a pain and does not show them who banned them or why it just shows "You are Banned from This Server"

Source-Bans also gives a custom ban Template (Example Below)

[You Are Banned From This Server]
Banned By: Camo Pants
Ban Length: 6 Years 4 Months 22 Days
Ban Reason: You're Just Not Good Enough Mate

If you Wish to appeal this ban please go to the forums at

Source-Bans is very easy to setup with the entire process taking all of 15 minutes at most and has full support for ULX even adding its own bans tab
to the ULX GUI.

Source-Bans also allows the administration of server staff online without ever logging into the server with this feature you can create Global Staff Ranks
that carry across servers or Roles specific to one server along with promotion/demotion from the same panel.

Source-Bans most common issue is the replacing of the !Ban command with !SBan however it is a 2 minute fix to disable the default ULX !Ban Command
and rename the Sourcebans !SBan command to !Ban making it less confusing for the staff.

Source-Bans also offers Cross-Server Banning so when you ban that pesky player from one server it will automatically ban them from the other
to avoid them just hopping servers and continuing their spree of rule breaking.

I have attached the links below in-case you are interested in using Source-Bans

Source-Bans Main Files:

Garry's Mod Source-Ban Addon

+1 Would make it easier for users and us.
[Image: XCqAsPG.jpg]

How about a second off topic,,,one dealing with the rats and public office rats,,,and one dealing with other cars that the members might own,,,,just a thought,,,,Danny

Is it possible that if people make a thread they can delete posts on their own thread? Would save some headaches and make sure we don't bother mods on the forum to delete certain posts 24/7.

I just think about this idea. It'll be very helpful to let other people know about you and your baby.
For example: your intro post and/or other posts with a lot of pictures.

your argument is shitty. Imagine youre a new player and get banned from all the games because everyone thinks youre a smurfer/hacker
same stupid rhetoric

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