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an actual suggestion woah

its mess and needs update, 

background isn't needed, simple banner with like a grey background would look better makes the actually main stuff stand out. (imo)

logo and font looks silly cause pixel.
 [Image: 4XHPHXd.png]
also the categories prob need updating because oculus is darkrp only atm.

an instant discord invite link incase people dont know you gotta scroll down on the home page. (non forum page)
[Image: 8tqeExC.png]

waiting list isn't used never has really.
[Image: or9Pfga.png]


1st page
[Image: qWNkuZS.png]

2nd page
[Image: LU9GJg3.png]
theres a whole another page with not needed tbh

I wont go on because to much effort for 6 am
this is just my opinion

discord notification said forums were up and i went on lol.

(blame Barry)
p.s gotta look sleek like kdee Wink
Rhyzza / Kyle - Ex Admin

As low effort as this suggestion is, it's actually pretty on-point.
[Image: ArtisticUntidyBronco-size_restricted.gif]

Woah  Idea
[Image: unknown.png]

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