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Greetings player, and Welcome to the Trial Moderator application section.
*Please read this document carefully before submitting your application.*

To join the Oculus staff team, applicants MUST be devoted to your job and have a desire to keep the peace among players.
If this is you, then read the requirements and apply for a TRIAL MODERATOR position today!

Requirements for Trial Moderator:
*The following conditions must be met in order to become eligible for T-mod*

   - You must be 15 years of age or above
   - You must have had at least 1 day (24 hours) play time on the Dark RP server
   - No more than 5 warns/kicks/bans in your history (Check this by typing "!warns" in game, then double clicking on your name in the list that pops up)
   - You must have a microphone and use it in-game

 If you have previously been rejected, DO NOT apply for Trial mod for at least 2 weeks or you will be denied again.

For your application
*Here are some pointers that you may want to follow to maximise your chances of being accepted*

   - Make sure your answers are detailed. In the more extensive questions, write more than one sentence responses! This helps us gain a better understanding on who you are.
   - Make sure to include a screenshot of your in game server time (If you do not provide evidence of server play time, it will be an auto decline!)
   - Check for spelling/formatting errors. Submitting a rushed and lousy looking application will lower your chances of being accepted.*
   - Please title the name of your application with your RP name, not your forum name. (E.g. John Citizen’s T-Mod Application) This makes it easier to identify you.
   - Atleast one (1) +1 review is pivotal to increase your chances at receiving a Tmod position. This is NOT compulsory, but IS preferred.

What not to do on your application:

   - Do not put false information in your application in hopes of raising your chances. Honesty is key!
   - Do not create fake accounts or hassle others to +1 your post. This will be detected.
   - Do not submit more than one application. Wait until your first application has an outcome.
   - Do not apply if you have not met the staple requirements as stated above

Other important notes:

   - Do not hassle other staff members to review your application.
   - All applications are reviewed once a week on FRIDAY, Please be patient.
   - If you are reported by another player while you have an application pending, please understand this may delay your process.
   - If your application is rejected, please wait at least 2 weeks before applying again.
   - If your application is rejected, the staff member handling your application would have written why it was rejected. Please read the feedback carefully so you know what to change next time! 
   - You are NOT required to be on the server during or after school days. You will not be demoted for that time.

*By applying to Trial Moderator you are also agreeing to represent Oculus Gaming. Any admin abuse or disrespect to other players will not be tolerated. Please show others mutual respect.*
*For ease of access, a screenshot of your play time uploaded for free via imgur or steam is required. Refrain from uploading a screenshot via 3rd party imageboards (4chan).*
Owner of Oculus Gaming

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