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Declined Lil kitty T-Mod Application

Lil kitty
2 warns
Aus/Vic application
Im nice im patient and understand people i will talk for hours and hours i like cat i like to game and i will play on the server atleast 3 days a week
and love the server i play on it all the time and also i have lots of friends.
Yes i do i know a fair bit of Cmds but still abit confused on some.
i will never do that i hate when people do that.
i want to apply cause i like helping people and feeling like people can trust me and i 
want to help this server to make it more famous and i love it and want to help and not just
sit there.
Im a hard worker and very patient. i know fairbit of Cmds.
Yes i was a Admin on another server but it went down.
i would spawn them to me and if and the person who said if he kills the guy are arrest them i would jail them and ban them but
if he complys and said the reason he did then ill let them both go but if he has no awnser i would warn the guy.
i would perma ban them and tell Sarbina and the owner to shutdown the server for a little bit. NLR i think 1 day RDA is 2 days and a week or two.

I like it

Bad presentation ...
[Image: unknown.png]

I'm gonna have to agree with woody on this one. You've put no effort to actually make this application decent, So it's gonna be a -1 from me.
Timmy Tim - HA


Easily a rushed attempt to try to get staff, did not consider to use the template. just put down the answers.
-Pyr0 Ex-Admin/Event Manager


follow the template fully, and improve your presentation.

your application seems rushed. None the less i wish you the best.
Moderator WatDaFuq

- 1 not following template 

Super Sayin Sandwich 
[Image: son-gohan-wallpaper-19.jpg]

-1 Seems rushed not much effort put in at all :/

Sorry, after due consideration we do not believe you would be suitable for a staff position. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you.
[Image: XCqAsPG.jpg]

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