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Approved Siem's (Lvl 100 Boss) Ban Appeal

Steam Name: siemreaper

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40619220

RP Name:  Lvl 100 Boss

Ban Reason: 'Sit Abuse'

Ban Date: 29th of Janurary *AEDT

Ban Length: 4 Days and 23 Hours

Staff Who Banned You: Bulletfeed

Why You Should Be Unbanned: So basically I was going to give out 35 mil to whoever could raid my base, I decided why not to buy 300 Honey Badgers to flex right, so I bought 30 shipments then out of nowhere Bulletfeed comes in CLOAKED and raids us, that's not part of his custom job I made sure, he takes my Honey Badgers and after a while I found him behind a building so I decide to mug him, he then shoots me while I have a DB shotgun to his head then goes to the beach and makes a un enterable box then I go in to the Gun Store and he randomly kills me and since I know he's the highest admin on the server at the current time and the mod doesn't believe me I just say screw it and I go back there and kill HIM then I overhear him saying 'Just need that guy to kill one more person so I can ban him for Mass RDM' Honestly I don't know why he's still staff, I'm starting to think he's just doing it for the perks KEEP IN MIND HE NEVER GOT PUNISHED FOR ANY OF THIS.

That is a lengthy ban for "Sit Abuse"

 Senoir Mod Zanther

Hello, i see your ban is now over and you should be unbanned but we will look into the ban lengths some of our staff are banning players for and what the reasons are
-Head Admin


We have approved your ban appeal. Your account will be unbanned within 1 hour.

If you need to please read over the server rules on the website.

If you feel we should investigate this matter further please leave a post inside "Staff Feedback" and we will look into the matter. Thank you!
[Image: XCqAsPG.jpg]

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