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Trusted Application

My Steam Name is TheGamingFool

My Steam ID is - STEAM_0:0:166816308

I am Currently a Donator 

The Link to my Steam Profile -

I have spent at the moment of making this 13 hours and 31 minutes on the server
Picture here for proof  [Image: unknown.png]

My Rp Name is currently GamingFool

I have been warned twice over voice chat but for when i check on server i have 0 warns
here is proof if needed -[Image: unknown.png]

Id like to think i have a good reputation with staff and other players i dont rdm or use any negative or racial slurs to other players
and i treat the staff like any normal player/human and i dont complain about their decisions if they think that is the necessary action than

I am currently 17 Years

Id like to think i am fit for trusted as i play on the server every day for around 5 hours each time i have a good attitude in game and care for other peoples RP experience.
i like to think i can make other peoples time on Oculus as enjoyable as possible by either helping the new players figure out how the server runs or just helping others
out in different scenarios, and most importantly i obey the rules to the best of my ability and make sure everyone else obeys the rules to make everyone elses time enjoyable.

I TheGamingFool Swear to uphold the values of Oculus Gaming and to not abuse the limited power given to me.

Thank you staff and admins for your time I hope all of you have/had an amazing day Smile

wrong location for the trusted app. Im pretty sure you already figured it out.

Spencer | Senior-Moderator

[Image: xd1.JPG]

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