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I don't Know where this should go

Your RP Name: Artie Emm

Their RP Name: Kaito

Date: 18/05/2019

Description of Incident: Now I don't want shit and I know this isn't staff abuse but where would I put this everyone LTAP's like everyone I don't know not much happens most staff deal with LTAP well but kaito seems to just ignore it and in this case did it In this instance John Samuels Sold some printers to me for 1.5 mil and disconnected I am used to this happens all the time put it in admin chat pm'd kaito no reply kaito was the only active staff member to my knowledge I'm like ok fine later on someone I was basing with went over and raided kaito's base successfully straight after kaito dc'd I don't know I don't want to start anything just everyone seems to LTAP and it is kind of annoying especially when staff do it.

Proof (Videos/Screenshots): -[url=][/url] Should work

I don't want to start shit and I don't really want any punishment just it is extremely annoying how many people do this In kaito's defense he did not join back

I can compensate you, I was genuinely hopping off at that point in time.

And also with the admin chat thing, I don't really look at PM's. I focus on the admin chat stuff.

And I didn't see anything in admin chat :c
Kaito ~ Staffy Boi

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