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Approved hr ghost tmod app

Steam Name:
- hr_ghost83

SteamID (SteamID Finder):
- STEAM_0:0:460088195

Steam Profile Link:

Are you a donator? (This will not effect the outcome, the answer is only needed for administration reasons):
- No but Orca McFly did give me 30 day donator for free!

Time Spent On Server:  
*(Remember to include either a link or attachment to the screenshot of your server time!)* 
- 2 days and 2 minutes

RP Name:
- hr ghost

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?:
*(Check this by typing "!warns" in game and double clicking on your name in the list that pops up)*
- 9 warnings but I have only had 1 warn since the last server wipe, I have stopped myself from getting anymore ( i got most of my warnings when i first started on the server because I didnt think I would play a lot also Im sorry for everything and all the trouble ive caused)
- I am 15

Location (To check timezones):
- Perth, Western Australia

Do you have a microphone:
- Yes

Short Description About You (At-least one paragraph):
- Im 15, I started playing video games at my friends house when I was about 8-9 years old and Ive never stopped since! I like to play gmod, rust and rainbow six siege on my pc that i got for christmas. Im not going to lie I am a bit overweight and I get a lot of hate because of it in school so games like gmod really help out. I like to meet new people on games a lot of the time because im a little shy on games and social media and i get a little anxious doing somethings around some people. (like people i dont know.) I dont like trash talking people because I know how it feels to be trash talked to and its not fun. I only play on the server Oculus Gaming because its in my opinion its the only good server on gmod DarkRP. I had a step brother but sadly he passed away a few years back.

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them?
-  yes it allows admins on the server to teleport, jail, freeze, strip weapons etc.

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your app (Doing this is really annoying to staff and often gives you a negative outlook on your app)?
- I promise

Do you understand by making a Staff Application to PUT EFFORT into responses and to fill out your replies (And to avoid one sentence answers) to the best of your ability?
- Yes i will try my best at all times

Server Questions:

Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (At-least one paragraph)?
- I would like to help out around the server and help the other moderators with sits and other things. I am applying because I would like to assist others in the server even if they are not the nicest person I would still like to try and help. It would be nice if I would be accepted because I would like to help new players because I dont want them ending up with a lot of warnings like I did at the start. Also I would like to help with the other moderators because I know sometimes there isnt many moderators on a lot of the time so it would be helpful if I was able to assist with some of the issues like when other moderators are busy with work, school or family issues so I could try to be more helpful when theres not many moderators on.

Why should we accept your application? (At-least two sentences) (List some relevant traits if you wish! Eg: "I'm patient" or "I'm strict")
- I would like if you accept my application because I would like to help out around the server like stop bullying and stop racial and sexist jokes. I would also it if you accepted me because I would also try to provide tips and ideas to the players on the server ( going around making sure nobody is going to break a rule on accident ) so they dont have to get warned for something they didnt know about. I am Very patient.

Do you have any moderating experience? 
- no

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's?
-  put them in a sit ask why and get both stories and i would have to check logs to make sure

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
- Perm Ban them straight away!

How long would you ban someone for MASS RDM/RDA/NLR?
- 1 week always

He's a really great guy, and every experience I've had with him has been positive. He knows the rules quite well.
Darth Maul
Senior Moderator
Discord: Darth Maul#2237

Neutral leaning toward -1  
Say's know rules but doesn't have a proper RP name????
Haven't seen much of in game and age is spooky
[Image: Signature.png]

(25-07-2019, 12:26 PM)Nick Darcy Wrote:
Neutral leaning toward -1  
Say's know rules but doesn't have a proper RP name????
Haven't seen much of in game and age is spooky
Yeah sorry I just haven't thought of a name yet sorry

+1 played with you for a fair bit last night and seemed like a decent dude. Nice and helpful too

(26-07-2019, 07:36 AM)onehappypie Wrote: +1 played with you for a fair bit last night and seemed like a decent dude. Nice and helpful too

Thanks means a lot

+1 Good Guy Positive all the time,good fit for the staff team

- Pretty nice app .
- Is a good guy.
- Seems like he knows the rules
Lingo Event manger 

 [Image: 37ac7m.jpg]

+1 Top Bloke, really nice guy seems to know his way around, Goodluck on your Staff mate, Awesome App Ghost.. <3


I have approved your moderator application. Please contract the Staff Manager for instructions on what to do next!

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