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Goelden abuse

Legit i did wrong here but he did worse. Basically there is a casino owned by a user named Bob Tomato and i went in there gambling right i lost all my money then this other staff member comes and he puts in 100k wins 200k, I advert steal take the 200k he freezes me then i drop it because you cant steal but when i dropped it i put it back in the machine. Won 400k gave goel 200k he told me to drop it bob says its fine then later i get teleported he tells me to drop it and he will put it outside the map, if i did not he would ban me but then i suggested i give the money back to bob because the 200k is his and goel has no right just to put it out the map. Then he bans me for a day so what the fuck. I've seen staff legit false ban a cop because another cop arrested a staff member and they didn't even look at logs. Staff have rdmd someone then just banned them this staff is just confusing, there has been instances where someone says oh say the n word for 100k and they do but then all of a sudden the person who said the n word actually got banned and not the person who baited so what the actual fuck.. I have no video proof of this but this is just a complaint seriously. Exclamation

Jump on the Discord and I can assist you in Support alongside another Head-Admin. My only concern with this complaint is what you're trying to say is some-what incomprehensible.
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poop xd lol
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Thanks for wasting our time x
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