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Approved Vladamir niceman Staff App

Steam Name: moto moto

SteamID (SteamID Finder): [b]STEAM_0:1:43247345[/b]

Steam Profile Link:

Time Spent On Server:  1 day 16 hours as of writing - Photo Proof

RP Name: Lil Vladamir Niceman (I think)

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?: 0

Age: 16

Location: Canberra, ACT (AEST)

Do you have a microphone:
Yes, I am always happy to talk in game unless someone can not hear me in which case I am happy to type to them.

Short Description About You :
My name is Tom and I love to play video games. I've been playing games since I was about 4 farming for my father on World of Warcraft. I really like programming and building computers and love to help people with their IT stuff. I love playing Gmod and the entire Dark RP Realm captivates me. I love how it all fits together so nicely with building and raiding. I am extremely dedicated and even though I can sometimes be lazy(we all do), I remain dedicated to whatever needs to be done and am always happy to help people in need of it. I am currently in Year 10 and have plenty of spare time at the moment to do things I find fun, like playing video games. I may eventually need to take some time off to do assignments and tests, but will still try to be an active staff member and part of the community.

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them? :
I do understand ULX commands a bit but will learn them inside and out in order to be able to staff on the server properly.

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your app: 
Yes, I agree to not ask staff to read my application as it could be detrimental to my application.


Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (At-least one paragraph)?
I am applying for trial moderator because I love to play DarkRP and have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations on the server. I would also like to enforce these rules as I see more and more people everyday not following them. I also notice that during popular times there are sometimes not enough staff online to deal with all the players, and I would like to help alleviate that. I also look forward to becoming a more prominent person in this community because even though sometimes people can be toxic, it is filled with fun and extremely funny moments.

Why should we accept your application?
I am very patient with people and very rarely lose my temper, but can also be extremely strict if it comes to it as I feel no human compassion. I always take the long route in situations, wanting to find evidence behind accusations and making sure that the facts are correct, in order to make sure everyone plays fairly and if they don't, give them the appropriate punishment. 

Do you have any moderating experience
I have moderated on a Minecraft server with a few people who played on it. Other than that I have no other experience.

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's?
If someone was to commit RDM or RDA I would warn the RDMer/RDAer if there was sufficient evidence in Logs and chat (ect.).

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
DDoS threats are to be taken very seriously and to be delt with straight away. If someone was to threaten to DDoS the server, it would result in an insta-perma ban from the server, and the owners would be messaged about the occurrence.

How long would you ban someone for MASS RDM/RDA/NLR?
Mass RDM If someone was to mass RDM I would first freeze or jail them, then bring them to me and look through the logs to see how many people have been killed. If it was someone who had just joined the server and had no intent to RP, it would result in a 7 day ban for 5 or less kills,  7 days for 5 kills and no intent to RP and 7+ kills with no result to RP would result in a 10 day ban.

Mass RDA - Is someone was to Mass RDA, I would immediately freeze them, then bring them to me and look through logs to determine the punishment. 3 arrests  with no intent to rp would result in a 3 day ban, with anymore beyond that without intent would be a 7 day ban.

Mass NLR - If this person was to break NLR the first time they would be warned, if they continue to do so it within about an hour it would result in a 7 day ban.
Vladamir Niceman
Senior Moderator or something like that

[Image: benresign.PNG]


Your a good staff member and we had some good times.. But

Haven't seen you on the server that much so be a little more active other then that,

Hope you get it

Good Luck
Kinda Cringe Tho
[Image: SexySign.png]

Neutral / +1
Same, you are a good staff member but I have not seen you on the server for the moment ..

edit :
[Image: unknown.png]

Neutral / +1

Although this may not be serious, if it is you make a great staff member and would love to see you back on the team.
[Image: 2.png]


I have approved your moderator application. 

Please contact the Staff Manager or Myself on the Oculus Discord for instructions on what to do next.!


I have approved your moderator application. Please contract the Staff Manager for instructions on what to do next!
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