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Declined Evil's Staff Application


General Questions:

Steam Name: Evil

SteamID (SteamID Finder): STEAM_0:0:8629153

Steam Profile Link:

Are you a donator? (This will not effect the outcome, the answer is only needed for administration reasons):
- No

Time Spent On Server: 
*(Remember to include either a link or attachment to the screenshot of your server time!)*
2Day (updated time)

RP Name: Evil Mevil

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?: 
*(Check this by typing "!warns" in game and double clicking on your name in the list that pops up)*
- 0

Age: 18

Location (To check timezones): 
Auckland (GMT+12)

Do you have a microphone:

Short Description About You (At-least one paragraph): 
I am a fun, friendly and highly experienced in Server Development, Management and moderation as I have been in and out of roles in DarkRp servers for years

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them? 
- Yes, I already have all my custom binds setup

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your app (Doing this is really annoying to staff and often gives you a negative outlook on your app)?
- I agree

Do you understand by making a Staff Application to PUT EFFORT into responses and to fill out your replies (And to avoid one sentence answers) to the best of your ability?
- I do

Server Questions:

Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (At-least one paragraph)?
- This is a great server and very populated but I noticed that there is a lack of moderation during some of the down hours of the day. Most staff are only on around peak time. Well I want to help the server and allow it to be montiored more hours of the day to prevent rule breaking and welcome those first coming on the server so we can keep our numbers up

Why should we accept your application? (At-least two sentences) (List some relevant traits if you wish! Eg: "I'm patient" or "I'm strict")
- I have "A LOT" of experience in areas of moderation. There are literally dozens of servers that I have moderated over the years that I have forgot most of the names (If you wish for me to list some I can). I have founded and run 2 successful communities where I ran and developed heaps of servers on multiple games such as Arma 3, Ark, Rust, Minecraft, Scum, Conan and of course Garry's Mod. I believe this is a top server and for the top server I believe you need top staff members. By now you may be sick of training noobie T-Mods who don't know what the hell they are doing. Thats why I ask that you give me a chance to help out this server and better it for all.

Do you have any moderating experience? 
- Yes (Listed Above) Wink 

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's?
- Usually a written warning if I see RDM or RDAs with a harsher punishment for subsequent offences. A verbal warning for those it was a genuine accident and tell them to be more careful of their shooting

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
- A threat to the server is unaccepteable and will be perma banned instantly

How long would you ban someone for MASS RDM/RDA/NLR? - At minimum a 7 Day and following that a perma. Don't waste time being nice/gentle with people who intentionally join the server to break roleplay and destroy everyone else experience

Bonus Facts - 

* I am highly experienced with moderation and administration

* I have run and owned a lot of servers

* I require no training

* I have management experience

* I know the game (5000+ hours)

* Sat 100+ sits (In truth the number is much higher)

* Im dedicated and hard working
* Im fair but fun



Good app and seems like he knows what he is doing BUT I have not seen you on the server a lot. and on a question like "Short description about you" I want to hear what your name is and more stuff about you. besides that, I think that you would be a good staff member, but I would like to see you on the server a bit more. 

I have heard from a few staff members that you have farmed your hours which is not acceptable.
Good luck


Havent seen you on the server alright app but anyways good luck
hr ghost Moderator.

Haven't seen much of you.
Be more active.
[Image: Signature.png]

A bit scary with the 7 to perm for a massrdm tho you say you have mod experience I really don't think a perm is needed for a massrdm,

As for the rest of your app could be a bit more active since I don't really see you on peak time only when the servers dead 

Be a little more active yeah 

Neutral good luck
Kinda Cringe Tho
[Image: SexySign.png]

Try to be more active, and I might edit this to a +1 Wink
Good luck for next.
[Image: unknown.png]

I can assure to all of you that I will be active every single day. Once I join a server I dedicate most/all of my time into that server and in this case it is Oculus. Cant wait to really get into it Wink Thank you for all your responses to my app <3

-1 Have witnessed you AFK on a couple of occasions and since you have a screenshot of exactly 1 day it doesnt seem like proper playtime on the server

(07-09-2019, 04:17 PM)Corndog77 Wrote: -1 Have witnessed you AFK on a couple of occasions and since you have a screenshot of exactly 1 day it doesnt seem like proper playtime on the server

I may have gone AFK sometime but I am just really eager to help aid the server and relieve the senior staff so they can have more fun as I help support the server<3 Still thanks for the response PS: (Note that me going AFK was primarily farming money not grinding hoours and I now have 29hrs)


Have seen you afking hours on the server, also left the server after returning from afk and rejoining immediately so he could respawn his printers.
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