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Bob Tomato Ban Appeal

Hi guys,

I never thought I would be writing one of these as normally I consider myself a well behaved player. 

I was banned for a week off Oculus because of precision tool abusing into the flat 'admin' area of the map. I was mucking around with the precision for most of that afternoon trying to get up there because it was a challenge that myself and Lil Greedo figured out after 4 hours of trying. Once up there, I spawned a bunch of low tier printers because they were cheap (I didn't collect anything) and immediately summoned an admin (Ryan). The correct response in that scenario would have just to have shown him how we got up there but me and my friend decided to play around, I'm sorry for wasting your time there. For that reason I believe the situation escalated up to the point where a head admin was involved and we were both banned. Whilst I appreciate the 'no nonsense' tone that he dealt with the situation, I believe that he was a little harsh as he wiped both of our money amounts that we both worked legit and hard for (I myself have over 6 days of playtime).

It was my first time being in that area, I have never tried to grind money printers or otherwise abuse out of the map before. I only tried to get up there so we could muck around, when speaking with the admins on discord I stressed it was only in the context of a joke or "troll" and I believe that the situation escalated far beyond what I was aiming for. I understand that this behavious is obviously completely against the rules and I do recognise that banning me for any amount of time in this scenario is appropriate, I just plead that you reconsider wiping both of our money balances as their entirety was earned in a legit manner.

Kind Regards,
Bob Tomato

Steam name: The Flying Dutchman
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67228851
RP name: Bob Tomato
Ban reason: Precision tool abusing
Ban date: 9/09/2019
Ban length: 1 Week
Staff who banned you: Ryan

Hey, so as mentioned here I am the staff member who dealt with this situation. You originally summoned me in to ask about building a base and if something was allowed. I did not realize at this time you were in flatgrass due to the area looking more or so like the inside of one of warehouses. Around 5-10 minutes or so after this event I flew past while going to my sit spot to see that you were building inside the little spot in the center building of flat grass. When I noclipped in I witnessed you spawning printers which is the main reason of the money wipe here (due to me not knowing if you would of spawned higher tiers if I did not catch you at the time). It was after this I asked how you got up to which you guys played around the answer. After telling me there was a teleport somewhere in the cave which I did not particularly believe but I also would not have been surprised.

The main reason your money was wiped in this situation was because of the fact that recently we've had alot of players glitching up to the flatgrass area and printer farming. Due to this I also would not have been able to know if you have been up there printer farming before this situation as I'm not on 24/7. Because I am not able to know if you have been glitching up there and printer farming before this situation is the reason I called for a money wipe, I also made this clear to you in the sit.

You also closer to the end of the situation decided it was a good idea to drop your money, pocket it and swap jobs to try give it away at spawn before it was wiped. I especially did not take kind to this as I believe this also escalated this above just a joke and someone getting caught in the act.

I believe I may of come off as harsh during the sit as I was the only staff on duty at the time which means this sit was holding me away from doing other sits that were coming in. You sitting there wasting my time trying to tell me different ways to get up there that obviously wasn't true was holding me back from completing other players sits that were needed to be done. I don't mind a good joke but this clearly isn't the way to go about it especially since you were glitched outside of the map with printers.

If you didn't want to get into trouble you still shouldn't of broken the rules in the first place.
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Bob tomato is a great guy and has helped me alot in learning Gmod ( 150 hours )
i believe a week ban is unreasonable as he is very active on the server and i think this should have only recieved a warning

Hey Ryan,
Thanks for your reply,

Yes the original reason I summoned you was to muck around when you came into our base, I'm sorry that it inconvenienced you from working effectively as a staff member. Obviously I shouldn't have been up there in the first place, and agree with the any time-related punishment that you deem reasonable for my activity there.

I understand that you can't be on 24/7 to know if I had money farmed up their in the past; I have several players that can attest that I was running a bank all day yesterday, and previous sessions involved me running casino or gunstores which have been my primary money generating efforts. Communication in the sit was affected by our uncooperative demeanour and I apologise again for that. Originally in the sit you told me to show you how we got up there or else we would be banned and money wiped. I was fully prepared to show you how to get up there (although it was quite simple and you had figured it out already) and tried to show you the method multiple times because I didnt want to lose my money balance. Dropping my money during the sit was a stupid and rash decision made within split seconds because I knew I was about to be wiped.

The intent of our visit up in the admin area was not for malicious activities such as money farming, it was only to play a joke (a bad one) by summoning you there. If we had malicious plans in mind, why would I summon and alert an admin directly to me? So I ask that you judge this sit with our intent in mind and not punish in the same way you would punish someone that is money farming up in the admin area.

Kind Regards,
Bob Tomato

Hey Bob,

As I stated in my earlier statement when you originally alerted me it wasn't about that. It was originally about pillbox shooting windows and asking if the specific ones you made were allowed. You did not have printers at this time and I also didn't realize you were in flatgrass as I stated above. This in a decent amount of players minds spark a "The admin doesn't know where we are, we should be safe to spawn printers." With pranks like these its important to notify some form of staff member so they can vouch that it was a prank and not someone trying to get a leg up over me.

I can't judge a sit with a players intent in mind if I can't find a way to perfectly nail their intent without in someway being biast.

I wasn't saying that the original summon to the base was inconveniencing me as it was just a normal sit. The inconvenience came when you were not co-operating with me once I had found out where you and your printers were. I only started listing out the punishments after around 10 minutes of you 2 mucking around and just not working with me at all. I wasn't using these as a threat in anyway I was just pointing out that these are punishments that are used in this situation
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Hey Ryan,

Originally when you first discovered where we were you threatened us with a warning, the original lines being something like "Show me how you two got up here or I'm going to warn both of you right now". 
I only say this because if it werent for the escalation of the situation, I believe that the punishment would not be so severe.

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to remove your ban.

But we will be reinstating your money balance.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

If you would like further clarification please contact me on the Oculus Discord.

Thank you.

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to repeal your ban.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

Please note that appealing a third time will result in your posts being automatically deleted and your account will be banned from the forum.

Thank you.
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