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Approved Jeffa Lu's T-Mod application

General Questions:
Steam Name: 
 - Lt.RiceBubbes

 - STEAM_0:1:450110384

Steam Profile Link:

Are you a donator?
 - No i am not.

Time Spent On Server:

RP Name:
 - Jeffa Lu

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?
 - i believe i have been banned twice for MRDM a while ago, ever since then i have only recieve 2 warns (I hope that my past does not affect this too much)

 - 16

 - Perth, WA

Do you have a microphone:
 - Yes

Short description of you:
 - I am a mere boy who enjoys talking to people/sparking a conversation aswell as resolving conflict. I spend time playing video games with a side passion project generally in the works. I am currently studying through the ATAR pathway with hopes of attending UNI. 

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them?
 - I understand that majority of ULX commands and how to use them but for those that i am unaware of i am eager to learn.

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your application
 - I agree to this

Do you understand by making a Staff Application to PUT EFFORT into responses and to fill out your replies to the best of your ability?
 - I understand this fact and i will fill out this Application to the best of my ability.

Server Questions:
Why are you applying for Trial Moderator
 - i have enjoyed staffing on other servers and have seen a lack of staff members active during late hours. I want to help the server with the soon to come holiday rush and provide a comfortable RP experience for all users.

Why should we accept your application?
 - I have an adaptable staffing method, I am strict when the user needs a sense of authority in the Sit/interaction.

Do you have any moderating experience?
 - I have been Moderator on past servers which has developed a flexible staffing method and a calm approach to situations.

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's
 - If a sit was called with the subject being RDM or RDA I would bring the user who called the sit and listen to what happened, I would then bring the perpetrator and explain the story that I have been told. I would listen to the perpetrator's response and compare with the logs to identify if the story is true or not. If it was a blatant RDM or RDA situation (no lying to staff) then I would see their previous warns and if they have not been warned for RDM or RDA and were just unaware of the rules I would refer then to !rules and give them a verbal.

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
 - I would immediately ban for the longest time I can then document the evidence and send the STEAM ID to a higher up with the evidence (if required)

How long would you ban someone for Mass RDM/RDA/NLR? 
 - For these such offenses I would again ban them for the max amount of time I can as a T-Mod (or a week if I had access) and once again document the evidence and provice the relevant information to a higher up to provide the punishment that is deserved.


+1 amazing player, knows the rules very well... Amazing app too ! <3 hope to see you in the staff team


Good bloke always mature in admin sits.

Don't see a problem with him having a staff position.

All the best!
[Image: Signature.png]

[Image: XCqAsPG.jpg]

I have seen you on the server a lot and have never had a problem with you, and app has lot of detail and info. 
Good luck

Edit: -1 said the N-Word

Edit - Edit: +1 
When I watch the recording I can not hear the N-Word 



Would have +1ed but you just got banned for racism... 
[Image: qzx24iv.png]

(20-09-2019, 05:22 PM)Mercy main Wrote: -1 
Would have +1ed but you just got banned for racism... 

I am currently trying to appeal that since i believe it was a misunderstanding in VC
i understand that even this misunderstanding results in the immediate termination of my application

I'll probably edit this after
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kind of a minge tbh also got banned for racism ill leave that i side for now apps pretty good but i'd need to see you more on the server cause never really hung out or see you role play before 
Kinda Cringe Tho
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How tf does this have 222 views already ??

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