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Ban Appeal

Steam Name: 


Steam ID: 

RP Name:  

Ban Reason: 

Ban Date: 

Ban Length: 
1 week

Staff Who Banned You: 
Hr Ghost

Why You Should Be Unbanned:
Because the mayor made it a law that rdming is legal and another law saying law 1 didn't count anymore

Even if there is a law saying you can you as a member should know that RDMing is against the rules regardless. I suggest you read the rules and have an understanding of the expectations on this server.
[Image: qzx24iv.png]

-1 Minge.
[Image: unknown.png]

Use common sense if ya got any
[Image: swcYTob.jpg]

-1 Incredible minge and very toxic

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to repeal your ban.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

Please note that appealing a third time will result in your posts being automatically deleted and your account will be banned from the forum.

Thank you.

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