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Approved Bytes trusted app *edited*

Steam name 

Steam id

Are you a donator
Yes i am

Steam profile link

13 but i know i am mature enough to be trusted and gain the power of trusted

Server questions
How long have you been playing

the time i did this was last night at time of posting

Rp name

How many times have you been warned
once for NLR, i got kicked for afk in a sit 

Trusted questions
How would you describe your reputation with the player base and staff team
I would describe my self as a active player on the playerbase and a person who has never done any bad things such as Mrdm and MNLR.

in 100 words or less what makes you fitting for trusted
What makes me Fitting is that i have a good knowledge for the rules and always is positive on the server.
I have never done any wrong and always is Stuff that is Within Oculus Gaming's Rules.
I am always on the watch for people who do bad and report it to the admins/moderators. 

Do you swear to uphold the values of oculus gaming and not abuse the limited power given to you?
Yes i swear to uphold the values of Oculus gaming and to not to abuse the power given to me.
Heart Heart Heart

neutral: You're a great player and i like you but your app feels incredibly rushed and short, please add longer answers and better responses and i might change this to a +1

EDIT: your app is much better now +1

I have seen you on the server for a long time but the app does not have much information if you add more [b]information I will change this to a +1 [/b]

EDIT: +1 Listened to the feedback and edited his app 

+1 Legit no reason for someone to -1 you, never seen you cause any trouble.

Neutral / +1
Need more information but ok
[Image: unknown.png]

- Neutral

Active, just needs a bit more effort in terms of your application.
[Image: 7e79aa09c34c61ebca4116eeedca4ed1.png]

+1 Good man, seen you on heaps... Goodluck my guy

been around for a bit and knows the rules
[Image: qzx24iv.png]

Neutral/+1 Your active on the server getting access to trusted can improve ur bases. Also u need to put more effort into your application.
[Image: pRqioAV.png]


I have approved your moderator application. Please contract the Staff Manager for instructions on what to do next!

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