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banned for no reason

i was playing with my friend miltons and i am new to the game and he kept killing me as a joke when i went in his base then reported me for it and i thought i was going to get banned so i left during a talk with admin which i didnt know wasnt allowed and then got banned for 5 days is there a way i can just get a warning???

1. You didn't use the template
2. You may have been mucking around but i asked both your mates and they said they wanted you banned
3. You admit to leaving to avoid punishment
4. You commited mass nlr and you got the correct punishment

I would reccomend reading the rules to get an understanding of the expectations on this server.
[Image: qzx24iv.png]

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to repeal your ban.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

Please note that appealing a third time will result in your posts being automatically deleted and your account will be banned from the forum.

Thank you.

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