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Banned completely unfairly

Steam Name: 
- TCBC - Ryan

Steam ID: 
- STEAM_0:0:62964967

RP Name:  
- TCBC - Ryan

Ban Reason: 
- Auto Printing

Ban Date: 
- October 13

Ban Length: 
- 4 Days

Staff Who Banned You: 
- Unsure

Why You Should Be Unbanned:
I was completely unaware that Auto Printing was not allowed especially because a player who has played the server for a while taught me how to do it ('JoeSisters' or something was his name) so I assumed it was okay. The admins then proceeded to think I was hiding the auto printing because I had my printers underneath props whereas I was hiding them from raiders (You could access the printers as there was a keypad and fading door attatched). Therefore this ban is completely unfair and I literally had no chance to even talk to the admins they just brought me and then said 'Why are you auto printing' then boom, I get banned. Its a 4 day ban but I would still like it off my account as it shouldn't be there. I had only been autoprinting for about 10-15 minutes on the

I was checking ur base i see a random gate near ur printers, but thethe gat seemed like it was counting up. Didnt know what that did, then i see that u had hidden printers, and then i noticed you hahad a shit ton of printers, u had around 350k for autoauto printing. I felt like it was appropriate to ban you for 4 days. Seemed like yiu were hiding ut printers. I have never seen you on the server previously, so i thought u just farmed for today.

And noe your lying that i straight up bbanned you. I clearly told you that you were going to be banned for 4 days, and i told you to check up on the rules. I had like a 1 minute discussion to you, and i told you that you were going to be banned, and you didnt reply much other than judt spamming ur key to open ur printers. SoSo i thought u were okay with it and understood.
[Image: pRqioAV.png]

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to repeal your ban.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

Please note that appealing a third time will result in your posts being automatically deleted and your account will be banned from the forum.

Thank you.

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