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Approved Artie Emm T-Mod App

Artie's T-Mod Application

General Questions:

Steam Name:
- Triple Chunky


Steam Profile Link:
- Profile Link

Are you a donator? (This will not effect the outcome, the answer is only needed for administration reasons):
- Yes perm and a CC

Time Spent On Server:  
- 11 days 22 hours

RP Name:
- Artie Emm

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?:
- I was quite a minge in the past so I have quite a few warns all from almost a year ago but I have outgrown that phase. I did recently get a 
warn for nocoliding in a raid it was stupid of me and poor judgement.

- 15

Location (To check timezones):

Do you have a microphone:
- No not currently though I am looking at purchasing one

Short Description About You (At-least one paragraph):
- I have been into G-Mod for over a year now I am 15 and from New Zealand. I have spent over 4000 hours (4133) intotal into this game I definitely have mixed 
feelings about the sheer amount of time spent on this game. It is sadly probably one of my favorite games.

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them?
- Yes most basic commands although would definitely need a refresh

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your app?
- Yes

Do you understand by making a Staff Application to PUT EFFORT into responses and to fill out your replies to the best of your ability?
- Yes

Server Questions:

Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (At-least one paragraph)?
- I have spent quite a lot of time on the server and I enjoy helping people especially new players I also see a lot of people that definitely need some help that I can't always help I
have had 

Why should we accept your application? (At-least two sentences) (List some relevant traits if you wish! Eg: "I'm patient" or "I'm strict")
- I am quite patient and I like to think I am quite friendly and easily approachable and helpful. I am quite experienced with Gmod and especially Oculus I am not perfect
but I like to think I have a good understanding of the rules.
Do you have any moderating experience? 
- Not really I was on a start up server (dark rp) quite a while back I was only there for a week or so before it went down 
It was called something water gaming not to sure of the name.

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's?
- I would Tp them to me and ask them to explain what's going on I would then Tp up the person who was rdm'd/rda'd
and ask them for their side of the story. I would keep them apart whilst doing this as I wouldn't want it to become a shouting 
match especially with no mic. I would then assess what the intentions were from both parties I would then check the offenders 
previous warns and depending on their history, warn or ban them up to 3 maybe 4 days.

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
- I would ban them for a day and then let higher members of staff know with SteamID and name. Then let them
take it from there for necessary punishment to be handed out.

How long would you ban someone for MASS RDM/RDA/NLR?
- I would Tp Jail them to me and then ask them what is going on. I would next just bring one or two people who were killed
or arrested and get their opinion on the situation as, I know from previous experience mrdm/mrda they can sometimes lie to staff. I 
would then check the offenders previous warns then ban up to 1 week (I believe that is my max ban length) then if really necessary 
ask a higher up to extend the ban. If it is someone breaking mass NLR. I would bring the offender then the victim and like Scenario 1
I would split them apart and ask for their opinions on the situation and what happened. Once I got both sides I would either warn the offender 
depending on if he was causing much trouble (RDM etc) I would ban him up to 3 days more if really needed.

Just Something Extra:
- I understand there may be some worries about my previous few days I messed up on a few rules and I have refreshed myself with them all
I forgot some rules and just went off what I saw very bad judgement on my part.

Thank You For Reading

-Please give feed forward and feedback.

Nothing good/bad to say, hesitation..
I'll probably change to a -1 or +1 if not it will be Neutral.
[Image: unknown.png]

Seen you on the server a lot but not sure you have staffing qualities. This may change to a 1+ or -1 

(01-11-2019, 02:51 PM)Evil Mevil Wrote: Neutral
Seen you on the server a lot but not sure you have staffing qualities. This may change to a 1+ or -1 

Yeah I fully understand what you mean the previous days which have been the times I have seen you have not been the best for me and I fully understand your opinion

+1 active, is sexy and a good player

(01-11-2019, 03:02 PM)dingleberry Wrote: +1 active, is sexy and a good player

Thank you

Big fat juicy +1

Active, friendly and an all around great guy, I would love to see him be apart of the staff team

Good luck my friend!
[Image: obltieratepfp.png]

(01-11-2019, 03:46 PM)iObliterate Wrote: Big fat juicy +1

Active, friendly and an all around great guy, I would love to see him be apart of the staff team

Good luck my friend!

Thank you

I dont have any issues with you, you havent done anything majorly wrong. However the small things that you do wrong lead me to believe that you may not possess the qualities needed for staff. You appear to not have a firm grasp on the rules and with that lack of understandng concerns me with how you actually hope to conduct the roles of staff.
I am also cautious of your lack of a mic (not entirely necessary however preferable) being that in sits they might sense a lack of authority and sits may not be as efficient as you would like.

For now it is a neutral. may change later tonight depending on what i see tonight.

Sadly i was a witness to your mingery back in the day so don't really know what to do really 

Your fine now i guess but i don't really see you interact with people that much or just what ive seen 


Good Luck

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