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James Bad staff

Why do kids become staffs anyways? there fucking clueless at there job

i just got rdmed infront of him and i was the one getting in trouble

Im not entirely sure of the situation as i dont remember but when im off duty and there are staff on i cant take sits and you have no idea on the rules as literally an hour later were asking and i quote

"What do i advert to kill people"

You should follow the template on reporting staff and not just insult me due to me being a child which you are also.

It wasn't RDM, You didn't drop the weapon, and I killed you after I gave you 3 warnings, learn your rules, and don't disrespect staff or players, because you'll be punished.

Oh and another thing, don't be mad that you got shot down because you didn't listen to the warnings.
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thats right you were a citizen with a 2h and when you refused to drop it it would of either been a kick or you got killed via advert warn

Uhhhh ok
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Merry Christmas? It's still November guys! Yawn.
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(12-11-2019, 12:37 AM)Barry Wrote: Merry Christmas? It's still November guys! Yawn.

Shut up and send me feet pics daddy.
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please leave the forums

(20-11-2019, 04:37 PM)dingleberry Wrote: please leave the forums


What he said.
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