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Completed biohazza's custom class

Your In-game Name:
IGN - biohazza RPname - Jake Chandler

Steam ID:

Package Purchased:

Class Name:

Class Colour (No White or Black):

Class Job (Pick ONE) [Thief, Police, Hitman, Citizen]:

Has Gun Licence? True/False

Salary? (Between 0 to 500)

Custom Weapon/SWEP (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):
Active Camo

Class Weapons:

Class Model (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):
Any mercenary skin.

Bought this package like at the start of the year, only came back recently to find the original class was gone. Thanks in advance.

Hi there, 

Due to recent events, we don't allow people to re-use the same Model over different cc's (As people try to copy other CC's). 
Please change the model and I'll finish the CC for our weekly CC Add (Which occurs on Tuesdays).

Thank you for supporting the server.
[Image: Untitled.png]


Question though.

Something that I realized though if I delete a custom class that I created the entry still exists within the system. Is there another way to remove the stale files?

i apologize if this is a double post but i can not see the last one that i wrote on the forum page.

I created a custom class in the editor and saved then tested it. I got the response that i can now use this class in Hero Lab. However when i created a new portfolio/character i could not locate the class that i created. How can i add it to the existing list of classes you can choose from.

I do see the .user file that is tied to it and i can load it in the editor. i just cant find it in the lab.

Hello All:

I have been able to create the gestalt for a Psion/Warblade and 90 of it works. I am trying to get the other 10 working and that is where I am at a loss.

First for the Psion class they have a class skill named "Stabilize Self". However that skill is not in HL. I created the skill in the editor and assigned it to my custom class as a class skill no problem. However even with it set as a class skill it still increments like a cross class skill when I build the character. How would you recommend fixing this.

Second Question is about the abilities of a Warblade that show up as named custom abilities of "stance" and "maneuver". Based on the last advice you gave me to set the "Allow Class Abilities" as Warblade worked in order for me to be able to choose them as I create and level the character. The problem is that on the Maneuvers it is not calculating the required level for the abilities right. For example based on the Tome of Battle where the class is a 4th level Warblade should have access to 2nd level Maneuvers at Max however all of the level 2 abilities in the book require a 3rd level "initiator" for it.

If i try this with a based build for Warblade the abilities can be chosen at level 4 no problem.

Thank you for the help

That definitely worked. However the domains that i was looking for are not there. I was looking for Chaos, Trickery, and Luck but none of them are there. If I have to re-add them that is fine.

I found those 3 domains in the custom abilities. How would I tie them to the list of domains that come up in the picklist.

Thank you for the help. This community has been great so far.

NVM it worked. I just had to remove and reselect the deity and it worked fine.


Hello. Your custom class has been completed and added to the server. You will be able to use your class after the next server restart.

If there are any issues with your class please report it to the "DarkRP Bugs" section of the forum with a full description of what is wrong.

Thank you for supporting the server. We appreciate it.
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