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Some Kid Admin

I got banned for saying the N word. When I just spawned in a was talking to some guy and I said "lets go my nigga" some admin then picked me up and warned me for it. I said I wouldnt do it again. I then went and started talking to my mate somewhere and I was going to say it not in a racist way but I only said half of the word and straight away I said "Sorry forgot i couldn't say that" I then get picked up by the same admin and he banned me for a day. Im sorry that Im black and most of the black population say it in my area. Didnt even get smart with the kid aswell. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BUCKO

Hello im not the kid who banned you but im here to help you

First of all if you wish to file a staff complaint use the format provided here

Second of all: unfortunately in the rules Racism is not allowed and we're told to enforce the rule, personally i would of taken it a different direction but it comes up to the staffs choice whether or not and how to punish you

Have a Nice day

Oh yes. I let you off w a verbal because it seemed like it slipped out. Then i spectated you. you said it again. Racism is a 1 day ban. Your somewhat lucky i didn't just ban you on the first time. If you say anything related to racism. Its a day ban.
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im black too
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It doesn't matter if you're black or white or yellow, you still can't say the N-word, plus you have no proof WHAT SO EVER that you're black so, we can't really believe you if you don't have proof that you're black, and even if you do prove it, it's not allowed. So you can wait your day ban out 'Bucko'.

- Pocket.
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Hi, I was one of the staff members that banned you. Doesn't matter the context, racism is still racism. I had also banned you the previous day for another matter and have given you multiple warns.

Next time, consider your language and actions before performing it, and read the rules.

Basic deal is the word "Nigger" isn't to be said on the server at all and can be an instant 1-day ban. Just be aware of that in the future!
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