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Warn Appeal

RP Name:

Steam ID:
Warn Date:
Staff who issued warn:
Pocket SWAT
Reason for warn:
Prob climb ( I saw you : (  )  
Why should the warn be removed (More detail the better):
-Someone used a hookshot to go up onto a roof, a few of the guys were trying to jump on a ledge that went nowhere. I put a prop down to join the others on the ledge, all of a sudden I get told I am getting a warning without getting a sit. I tried to explain what happened and that I didn't do it to exploit as it went no where. I got some excuse how what I did could be an exploit. I do understand it was a climb but I feel as though given that it was just a small ledge going nowhere that the staff on duty was harsh and rather rude about it.

How will you prevent this from happening again:
- I won't climb on anything again, even if it was something harmless.

(11-11-2019, 08:31 AM)iObliterate Wrote: -1 (Let me explain something.)

A. I said that grappling hooks are ALLOWED to be used, so don't pull the excuse that grappling hooks were used, it's allowed, you should've used that instead what you did.

B. I don't need to do a sit to warn you, I can tell you via !p (PM) or some other way.

C. You knew that prop climbing wasn't allowed and I don't care if it was a small ledge, you deleted the props after you got up there.

D. Doesn't matter how small the ledge was, even if it was small or long, doesn't mean you can break the rules like that. 

I just gave you 4 good reasons why you were warned, don't break the rules and stuff like this doesn't happen.

- Pocket

I agree with Pocket, I was talking to Pocket at the same time your were warned. Pocket and I were dealing with another sit and I also did watch you prop climb.


I feel as if he should've been given a verbal before the warning got given, I don't really have a say in this since I didn't witness it, but for prop climb, it should be a verbal first.
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I agree with billy, a verbal should have been given with the acompanied by a sit or atleast a breif conversation. I believe that it was a misunderstanding and in the future you wont do it again

Good luck


After thinking about it, I feel like I should've just given you a verbal warning, my apologies for just giving you a flat out actual warn.

- Pocket
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