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Ban Appeal

Steam Name: 

Steam ID: 

RP Name:  
Lolly Gagger

Ban Reason: 
Supposed Exploitation Of Slot Machines

Ban Date: 

Ban Length: 
-4 Weeks

Staff Who Banned You: 
Alil Trezzar-

Why You Should Be Unbanned:
Simple, I Scoured The Rules On Casino, It Said Nothing About Auto Collecting From Casino... By Exploitative Actions I Assumed, Blowing Up The Casinos, Duping The Casinos...  I Tried To Page Harry Ingame With No Response Think I Was Safe To Doso According To Your !rules.. I Just Got MY CC too Last week ... I am pretty pissed off that i am banned for auto collecting winnings from slots and yet people are allowed to auto print willy nilly .. you need to make your rules more clear so this shit doesnt happen ... i am not impressed.. cause according to your rule book i did nothing wrong and yet i am stuck with a  1 month ban

The two links show theres nothing either in wiremod that sais anything about not allowing slots to be auto farmed or in the casino worker / guidelines about it

This also comes from wikipedia under Video Game Exploit

In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.

if thats what you mean then you have to start Penalizing Auto Printers too 

Sorry to have to ban you but as I have to do what I must do as the sign inside the Casino and how you hid it behind the slot machine was way too sus to be accidental

But I do see from your prospective of sides such as auto printing is allowed with OS time and Users to auto collect money as such and was easily mistaken with the rules at hand

If you do get this appealed I hope you do learn from this experience and ask online staff and make sure you gain a response from them instead of doing the act


how you placed it and how I found out:
[Image: swcYTob.jpg]

even when auto printing i hide my stuff im ocd and dont like stuff being seen, be that as it may i feel i have been extremly unfairly banned as there is no rules about this at all and i have scoured them thrice over now
there needs to be a clear [NO WIRE-MODDING CASINOS] under exploitation and it needs to be implemented in the rules clearly 

i love this server its my online home as i have alot of free time due to my auto immune disease and if the ban sticks im afraid i wont be coming back CC or not.. this is very unfair

i also tried to contact harry as he was online at the time in game

What Trezzar Said. But yeah using Wire mod on any sort of Casino Equipment is classified as Exploition.
[Image: un2tled.png]

It needs to be in the rules, it needs to be defined .. otherwise people auto printing are "Exploiting" the game i assuming Duping was exploitation not simple auto collecting 

i feel i have been unfairly banned, and unfairly punished .. because i scoured the rulebook 3 times... there was no admins on, the only person who counted was harry and i tried to spark a line of dialog with "Harry" in OOC but no response

This is on the Oculus Gaming People To Fix, Not People Punished Unfairly.. Like Me Cause Theres no Rules against it.. it needs to be defined, NO CASINO AUTO COLLECTING.. cause to me all i did was auto collect .. i did not hack the casino slots, i did not exploit them for my own means ie illegitimately improve my chances of hitting payouts, Thanks For Taking My Only Online Home Away From Me Because You Can Not Define The Rules.

I Have One Major Question. If Someone Had Setup Gmod to repeatedly Press E would they have been banned? cause its the same thing

Hello, We have looked over your ban appeal and believe there is not sufficient evidence available to repeal your ban.

We will, however, reduce it siginificantly to 2 weeks.

If you find new evidence or would like to appeal again feel free.

Please note that appealing a third time will result in your posts being automatically deleted and your account will be banned from the forum.

Thank you.
[Image: Untitled.png]

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