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Custom Class

Your In-game Name: Arthur Kirkland

Steam ID (SteamID Finder): 76561198043605993

Package Purchased: Custom Class Package 2

Class Name: Deathstroke

Class Colour (No White or Black):Orange

Class Job (Pick ONE) [Thief, Police, Hitman, Citizen]:Hitman

Has Gun Licence? True/False = :True

Salary? (Between 0 to 500) =:450

Custom Weapon/SWEP (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):

Class Weapons: m9k_m24, m9k_ak74, m9k_striker12

Class Model (Steam Workshop Link, If Applicable):

hello so there is a issue with the job it has been added but the model that was used was wrong the addons seems to come with more the 1 model and it seems the dev or who added it has accidently used the model that is not the one for player i don't know which is the one for the player here is screenshot.

Post this on the discord under specialized support:
RPName: Arthur Kirkland
SteamID (If Applicable): STEAM_1:1:41670132
Custom Class name (If Applicable): Deathstroke
Issue at hand/Query: Ragdoll model was used instead of playermodel

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