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Approved Martin's Trusted App

General Questions:

Steam Name:
Demoknight TF2


Are you a donator?

Steam Profile Link:

- 18 in August

Server Questions:

Time Spent On Server: 149 Hours

RP Name: 
Used to be Martin Shelby, it is now Rat King Martin

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?
 I currently have 1 warning for text screen minge and 1 kick from Harry with no reason listed. It was late at night so it was probably for being afk

Trusted Questions:

How would you describe your reputation with the player base and staff team?: 
I believe my reputation with the community and staff team is a positive one and have had numerous positive interactions with most players

In 100 words or less, what makes you fitting for trusted?:
I believe I am a trustworthy person and am online alot, which can help when staff members aren’t online. IRL I have a job at McDonalds and am trusted by the managers to close the store and operate the drive thru late at night.

Do you swear to uphold the values of Oculus Gaming and not abuse the limited power given to you?: 
I do

Yeah I see you on the server a fair bit now 
and don't have much to do with you but you seem nice but other than that
All good with me.
[Image: un2tled.png]

Pretty chill guy knows the rules good luck.
[Image: unknown.png]

Reasons above.



+1 very active friendly towards new people 
Ahh shit here we go again
[Image: Untitled.png]

+1 +rep 1000times 

+1 Pretty good player suits the trusted role model

Neutral - Heavily Leaning towards +1
Really good, friendly guy, great member of the community, however has been observed ignoring staff requests.
[Image: I3Hf5I5.png]


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