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wholesale External Broach

1.Cutting blade:Surface broach
(Note: Picture only for reference)
Broach is a forming tool for broaching. There are many rows of teeth on the surface of the cutter. The size and shape of the teeth increase and change from the cutting end to the cutting end. When the broach is broached, each tooth cuts a certain thickness of metal from the workpiece and finally obtains the required size and shape. Broaches are often used to process round holes, spline holes, keyways, planes and formed surfaces in batches and mass production, with high productivity. The broach is divided into internal broach and external broach according to the different parts of the machined surface. Push knives are often used to calibrate the holes after heat treatment.
2.Cutting blade
The structure and tooth shape of broach are related to broaching mode. Broaching is usually divided into two types: delamination broaching and block broaching. Broach former is divided into form and gradual form; the latter is divided into wheel cutting and integrated wheel cutting. The profile of the teeth of the broach is similar to the final shape of the machined surface, and the shape of the cutter teeth of the progressive broach is different from the shape of the workpiece, and the shape of the workpiece is gradually formed by the cutting of each tooth in turn. The pulley broach consists of several groups of cutter teeth, each of which has several teeth of the same diameter to cut off a section of a layer of metal, and the gear of each group is changed to cut each layer of metal. The coarse teeth of the integrated wheel cutting broach adopt the wheel cutting type, and the fine cutting teeth adopt the form.
We want good milling cutlers, do you rave?
Yes, this is only we rave.
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In fact, we have fop effective tools with reasonable price.
Can you give me some idea to produce this work piece?
Noproblem, please let’s know your workpiece and your machine more.
Do you have insert?
Yes, please let’s know which model you need.
ls your company a trading company or a factory?
Factory! We produce and sell.
Why buy from us?
a.Using our tools, Machining time is shorter and
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b.lmprovement of accuracy is remarkable.wholesale External Broach

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