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Staff app from cheese god

Steam Name:

SteamID (SteamID Finder):

Steam Profile Link:

Discord ID:


Are you a donator? (This will not effect the outcome, the answer is only needed for administration reasons):

Time Spent On Server:  
*(Remember to include either a link or attachment to the screenshot of your server time!)*
-148 Hours 

RP Name:
-Liam Henson

How many times have you been Warned/Banned/Kicked on the server?:
*(Check this by typing "!warns" in game and double clicking on your name in the list that pops up)*

Location (To check timezones):
-Melbourne im pretty sure its UST 11:00

Do you have a microphone:
- Yes 

Short Description About You (At-least one paragraph):
- I am Cheese god, god of cheese and destroyer of worlds, but seriously i am very chill, calm and collected i take care of sits from a logical standpoint and not one bit am i biased depending on the person, but i will take it in account.

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them?
- Yes all of them

Do you agree not to ask other users/staff to look at your app (Doing this is really annoying to staff and often gives you a negative outlook on your app)?
-Yes i Agree 

Do you understand by making a Staff Application to PUT EFFORT into responses and to fill out your replies (And to avoid one sentence answers) to the best of your ability?
- Yes i do agree to this rule 

Server Questions:

Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (At-least one paragraph)?
-because after my last burnout i catched up on homework and i actually managed to get a life 

Why should we accept your application? (At-least two sentences) (List some relevant traits if you wish! Eg: "I'm patient" or "I'm strict")
- Because i am cheese god and i have the best cheese and cause im cool with the community  the community is cool with me

Do you have any moderating experience? 
- yes on this server actually 

What actions would you take if someone RDM's and RDA's?
- verbal warn if its first offence warn if its second if they continue ban depending on how much

What actions would you take if someone threatened to 'DDoS' the server?
- Ban (perm)

How long would you ban someone for MASS RDM/RDA/NLR?
- ban for 1 week 
[Image: 3LwrIHZ.jpg]
Liam Henson- Official Retard 

neutral have not seen you on the server at all recently, although you seem like a nice dude

+1/neutral would change to +1 but there isnt much effort in the application if you make a serious application I will then happily +1

Hr Ghost.

-1 was inactive as staff and as of now is inactive as a user didn't even come on once so its a massive no legit don't apply if  your not gonna put in the effort of being active 
Ahh shit here we go again
[Image: Untitled.png]

Welcome back Liam 
Now you do have past moderating experience from this server which is good
but try and be more active on the server and I'll think about changing it to a +1
[Image: un2tled.png]

-1 Mostly because you are never on and I mean never been on the server and the past moderating experience you just "wanted" a reason to ban someone
Not good
[Image: swcYTob.jpg]


Hi Liam, saw you on a couple of days ago however not much after that. I don't know much about you so I'll leave it at a neutral. If I see you being more active throughout the community and the server I may change this to a +1.


I like men
[Image: Signature.png]

I don't really know much about you.

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